What are iCloud Tabs and why should I Care?


Just like everyone else in modern America, I am attached to my phone. It’s with me all the time, at school, at work, chilling on the couch watching TV, basically everywhere. Now because my phone is with me all the time it is pretty much my primary method of consuming Internet content, whither it be Facebook, Twitter, or just surfing around. So 90 percent of the time my phone serves its purpose with its beautiful 4 inch high-resolution display. But sometimes, bigger is definitely better or I know that I am going to want to look at something on my iPad or computer later. May I introduce you today to iCloud tabs, a simple, no-nonsense way of seamlessly moving Internet content from one device to another.

Part 1: To get started: We need to make sure that your iPhone, iPad and computer with Safari are all signed in to your iCloud account. If you are already sure that you are connected to iCloud on all of your devices go ahead and scroll down to part 2.

To check your iCloud accounts in your iPhone:
Step 1 Find and select your iPhone settings app


Step 2 Select the iCloud Tab


Step 3 Verify that you are signed in. Your Apple ID email address will be displayed at the top of the page if you are signed in. This should have automatically been signed in when you started up your phone for the first time. If you are not signed in simply sign in with your Apple ID. The one that you use to buy apps.


Step 4 Insure that the switch next to Safari is in the on position.


If you have an iPad or iPod touch, follow the same steps as the iPhone.

To Check iCloud account on your Mac
Step 1 Go to systems preferences.


Step 2 Select the iCloud App


Step 3 Insure that you are signed in with your Apple ID. If not Sign in and make sure that the Safari box is checked.


Part 2: Alright you are all set up. Now let’s try out iCloud tabs.

Step 1 Open up the Safari App and go to what ever website you’d like. For my example I’ll use jeep.com.

IMG_3854     IMG_3855

Now lets say you have been surfing around and find something really amazing you want to show someone, or you have found a site where you want to download music, video, or something similar but need a computer to do it or you want a bigger screen  to show off your find.

Step 2 On the iPad or computer find the iCloud Button just to the left of the navigation bar at the top of the browser.

IMG_0225On an iPad it looks like this.

macicloudtabs  On a mac it looks like this.

Step 3 Select the cloud button and you’ll see a drop down list of webpages that you have open on your other devices.

IMG_0224  On an iPad it looks like this

IMG_3860  On a Mac it looks like this.

See how the drop down list shows both of the other devices, as you can see mine are named Mr. Coffeyphone, pad, or Pro, and also what tabs are open on each respective device.

Step 4 Now go ahead and select whatever site you want to pull up and Bam! There it is…. you have moved your browsing from device to device pretty easily. Now carry on with your internet surfing or showing of your new find from the World Wide Web!

Check Out the walk through video below!!



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